Monday, October 24, 2011

pumpkin night

Me and Mother are carving pumpkins tonight for family night. It's going to be a real good time, everyone be jealous. I'm still trying to decide what to carve but I've been considering these options, the air jordan logo, Audrey Hepburn, tangled, E.T., or obama just kidding mom. As you can tell my ideas this year are lacking, and there is only a few hours left till the carving begins. What am I going to do, I don't even know? I feel pressure considering the last two years of pumpkin carving have been above par, seriously. So whatever I decide on I'll definitely let you know what, when I blog on Wednesday. Until then I'll just let you marvel over my past beauties.

Went with a Stars Wars theme in 2009, way cool.

Pumpkin theme for 2010 was.... Originality. No I didn't just make that up?

Another favorite thing that comes along with pumpkin carving, is toasting the pumpkin seeds to then later eat. If you have never done this... seriously you are crazy, go and try it right now! But now I'm off to come up with some genius pumpkin carving idea. Wish Me Luck!

Much Love,



  1. i think you should do one of my face. that would be greatly appreciated. you better make me look good.

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  3. Thanks for your cute comment on Sassy Babies. We would love to have you guest post. Shoot me an email at rachelsueward at gmail dot com and we'll get you the details. Thanks!


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