Wednesday, October 19, 2011

come here

I had every good intention possible on this planet to take pictures and blog a how-to on braiding, but like a lot of things it just didn't happen. Mostly because I've been at work all day and also because I have a date tonight.... Which means I have to fancy up, ya know shower, look descent, smell good, and mentally prepare. I'm awkward, and we are going to a haunted house they are kind of expensive for a first date so mother told me I need to not be so weird. Show some class.

I will make this up to you though. I'll link you to a braiding tutorial, and I also will tell you about my awkward dating stories from now on... sometimes my friend tells me that my life could be a soap opera. I agree.

First up the braiding tutorial I promised, This one is a how-to on fishtailing
Sometimes I wish my hair was as thick as hers.

Now for an awkward dating story. Most people know I hate feet. They are gross, please everyone keep them to yourself. Well I went on a date with a guy and it was getting late so we walked outside got into his car and off we were just buzzing down the street to my house. We pulled up in the driveway and as he walked around the front of his car to walk me to the door I looked down and saw he had no shoes on and said "you didn't want to wear shoes I see... I hate feet." Lets all be honest even if you don't like feet a guy should not take you home in bare feet. It's classless. Show some class, nuff said. Then he decided to be funny and lift up one of his feet and touch me with it but I luckily dodged it. We continued on, walking to my porch where he lifted his feet up again so I stepped back. This next part is my favorite thing that happened the whole night. We stood there facing each other far apart ready to end the night, but we hadn't hugged yet. SOOO This kid said to me "Come here" with his hands also motioning to indeed "come here." This may not seem like a big deal to you or even sound that bad, but I do not like to be told what to do by some guy without shoes on, I will come to you if I want it was such a turn off. Moral of the story please guys, don't ever tell her a girl to just "come here" it's weird. nuff said. Don't date guys who don't wear shoes.
Ven aquí // Come here

Come Here.

About my date tonight though... There is a lot of potential for awkwardness and I'm fine with. On a night such as this when I don't care about a thing, I'm actually ready to embrace it("it" being the awkwardness of course). This should be good. I'll share with you how it goes on Friday. Until then...  don't "come here."

Happy Braid Wednesday,



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