Thursday, October 6, 2011

Totally Awesome 80's

This week on Good Morning America they were celebrating the "Awesome 80's" Is there any decade that people love more than the 80's? I think not! How could you not?

The 80's had the BEST hairstyles:
 The BEST outfits:
 The Best Music:
Ok, So I was born in 1987 and technically only lived in the 80's for 3 years but man I sure love everything about the 80's. The 80's were so awesome that people have "totally awesome 80's" parties. And even better, I was named after one of the most iconic singers of all time who emerged in the 1980's . That's right, I was named after Whitney Houston. Which is probably why growing up I wanted to be just like her. My sister and I would dance to her music in our room. How could you not love the 80's when it gave us Whitney Houston
On another note, I am totally loving the 80's today because something I can not live without was also started back in the 1880's. For Christmas last year my grandparents gave me a bucket of this:
Cox's Creamed Honey. Honey? For Christmas? I thought it a little odd at first until I took my first bite... and I have been addicted ever since. Seriously, would you believe that I have already gone through a few of these? It is so delicious... better than butter. I prefer it on toast, peanut butter & honey sandwich, or I will put it in salad dressings, honey mustard. Oh how I LOVE this creamed honey. One time when I  ran out I went to the store that did not carry Cox's. So I thought, I will just try another brand. TOTALLY a bad idea. It was nothing like Cox's creamed honey. I wish I had a lifetime supply of this stuff. Speaking of... I am out of it... gotta get to the store to get some.



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