Monday, December 19, 2011

How to make a flower.

Alright so here is the flower tutorial I'm sure everyone has been waiting for!!! Guess what those lovely peony flowers I showed you on Friday are made out of, Coffee filters! How exciting is that. Not only are they gorgeous, they are inexpensive to make as well. I got this great flower idea from here.
First go get some coffee filters.

Then you will fold one coffee filter in half at a time.
You will need five coffee filters to make one flower.

Fold the coffee filter in half again.

And then fold it in half again...

And finally fold it in half one last time.
(you will have folded it four times)

Now that you have folded your coffee filter four times.
Cut the edges so the top is rounded like so...

And when unfolded it will look like this.

You should now have 5 coffee filters that look like this.

Now you will want to cut a piece of floral wire and curve the top like a Shepard's hook.

Take one coffee filter and poke the bottom of the floral wire through the center of the coffee filter.

Slide the wire so that the Shepard's hook on the wire is still on the top side of the flower.

Then place a dot of glue where the wire hook is.

Now twist the coffee filter around the hook.

Keep adding the remaining coffee filters one at a time. Twister them together at the top.

Continue adding coffee filters and twisting.

Once you have finished add all the filters wrap floral tap tightly around the bottom of the flower.

The flower should now look like this with the floral tape.

And here you have the finished product! Hopefully your flower turned out like this or even better!

We also wanted to make purple flowers but were struggling to dye the coffee filters with food coloring so instead we used grape juice and it was exactly the color we had hoped for. We put grape juice in a pie tin and then place 5-7 coffee filters in the juice at a time. The coffee filters were left in the grape juice for about 5-10 minutes.

After the coffee filters sat in the grape juice we layed them on old towels to dry.

Purple Peony.

The finished product.
We added wooden dowels to our flowers for more stability in the larger vases.

Well everyone there is my craftiness for the next year, lets be honest crafting is a whole ton of effort, and with that much effort I expect a perfect product in the end. Which is never the case, therefore I never finish any craft I start except for this one because I mean just look at those flowers they are Uhhmazzing... okay so maybe you don't think so, but I do. And plus the purple flowers smell delicious, so make them.

Also I apologize for this post being so lengthy. Sorry.

much love,




  2. So pretty...I can't wait to try to make some. I think I'll do a blue-violet color to resemble hydrangeas.

  3. This truly is amazing and would like to do it one day especially now that valentines day is coming up:D


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