Saturday, October 15, 2011

If she can do it...

Have you guys heard of the "Marathon Mom"? If you have watched the news at all this week I am sure you heard her story. If not go here. A woman named Amber Miller ran the Chicago Marathon... while 9 months pregnant. Then, only hours later gave birth. REALLY?? Sounds pretty crazy to me and everyone seems to have an opinion about it. How could she do that? Was she putting her baby at risk? Is she crazy?

My opinion? Ok, so maybe she is a little crazy but I think that as long as she could do it and not be out of breath then more power to her. Doctor's these days suggest you exercise while pregnant as long as you can carry on a conversation and not  be out of breath while doing it. I exercised throughout my whole pregnancy and was glad that I did. I was able to run up until about 36 weeks and after that just stuck to the elliptical at the gym. (I wasn't running 26 miles though!) It is supposed to be great for mom and baby if mom stays fit during pregnancy so I think it is great that marathon mom kept running, althought maybe 26.2 miles is a little much.

If you have read our "about" page then you would know that I like to run. I have ran a few 1/2 marathons myself but never a full marathon. I am a little terrified to run a full marathon. My Aunt has been dropping hints that I should run the Ogden Marathon with her next year. The race is in May so I would have plenty of time to train for it but.... I am seriously terrified. But if a woman who is 9 months pregnant can do it... so can I?????
Registration begins November 1st and fills up pretty quickly so I have to decide soon. So... I need your opinion. Should I go for it? Run a full marathon?? What do you think? If you have ran a full marathon give me some advice. Would you suggest it? LEAVE ME A COMMENT and let me know what you think. Cast your vote if you will. If I do decide to do it I will blog ALL about my training in hopes to get everyone else out there running with me!


  1. I think you can do it!!! I only wish I was able to run like you. Because of you I have the motivation to run. Remember when I hated running cause I just couldn't do it!!! You helped me so much. Because of you I now love it. I think that you could do it and do it well. I will come and support you on the side lines ;) I can't wait to start running again. I wasn't to train again for the 3rd time for the half and maybe one day make it to the full. But I know 100% that you could do it. I vote go for it!

  2. Whit, I know you can do it. Just go for it. You are a runner and are in tip top shape. You have already done half marathons. You have tons of people cheering you on! DO IT!!!

  3. If that is your desire and it will make you feel complete; then go for it. You must do what YOU think is right for you. If you are questioning yourself, perhaps you aren't sure of yourself. Look within yourself and God for guidance. Trust in God in all you do and he will lead you to the path you should follow. Love Aunt JELLY


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