Friday, October 14, 2011


Ive been debating on whether I should share with you all what I did last Friday. Despite my families laughs and embarrassment for me, it's been decided I'm going to share it with you. This will make for a great start to this Fashion Friday post. Lets start with some photos for you all to swoon over. (I'm loving this swoon word thanks to Sara Bareilles via The Sing Off.)

Let me guess you're getting curious.

And now you're just jealous.

Alright now for the story. Last Friday I texted my good friend a text that went some thing like this, "yo what are you doing tonight?" he replied with "going to a dance party, you wanna come?" For a second I debated the thought of driving an hour to go to a dance party. Now that I'm in college dance parties are horrible, just gross people doing gross things. yep gross! So I replied with "ya maybe, when are you leaving?" and he said "in like an hour, get a sweet outfit together though." For those of you who don't know, It's cool (okay maybe just cool around here) to dress up like you don't have any steeze, In other words dressing up like you don't have steeze, is in fact steezy. Way cool. So cool in fact that around here if you don't dress up you get weird looks. But that all changed after high school, for some reason people are just interested in like impressing other people when they go to dance parties, weird. So there I was trying to scramble to find an awesome outfit. I had decided that me going depended on if I could find a sweet outfit to wear. As I went downstairs to find something steezy I came upon this great red 80's onsie number shoulder pads included, as shown above. I was sold, so I texted him back saying "I'm in." I didn't know it at the time and I definitely wasn't feeling the dance moves yet I was only feeling the outfit, but it was about to be the best dance night of my life, well maybe second best dance night. The next thing I know my friends and I were on our way to the dance party. The whole drive I was still not feeling like my dance moves would be up to par and then I began to feel like my outfit was a little too much. But there was no turning back now. Oh and by the way don't worry my friends were dressed in just as ridiculous outfits as me. It's cool. The hour drive was over and there we were pulling up to the dance party. Suddenly I was feeling a little inspiration of dance growing inside me as I saw everyone dressed in normal clothing. This was about to get good. We walked in and everyone looked our way. Okay so maybe not everyone but a lot of people did look at us funny. Don't worry though, we weren't embarrassed It's what we were going for. So we hit the dance floor and I kid you not, I probably had the best dance moves of my life on that dance floor. We all rocked the classy awkward dancing by ourselves, so great! I wish it would have been recorded for all of you to see. My personal favorite is when someone starts walking around and you follow them without them knowing, some of you might know this as ghosting. Good stuff. Anyways all and all it was my favorite Friday night since.... Summer. Here is the key though to having an awkward (awkward is a good thing) dance experience.
1. dress accordingly, so wear a onsie with shoulder pads its steezy. 
2. Don't plan out weeks in advance to go to a dance party. GO LAST MINUTE.
3. Keep your expectations low.
4. Don't get hyper before the dance, stay calm until you arrive, let your energy out on the dance floor. Seriously if you plan on dancing anytime soon keep those tips in mind they will change your life.

This leads into my next item, Like that great red onsie there are more great things to behold from the past. The red onsie is great for certain reasons..... like awkward looks and dancing, but this next item from the past is great for more classy occasions like dinner, church, prom, and looking fancy. Are you ready to see what I'm talking about?

I've been swooning over these shoes since I bought them. They are my favorite pair of shoes I've ever owned. Although I have only worn them once they do indeed keep my swooning. I bought them over a year ago from a vintage store around here and wore them to prom. My dress ya okay I admit wasn't really all that cool for prom, but the shoes were all I cared about. They are vintage and I love them. My plan is start wearing them more often, however we are approaching winter and these beauties are delicate so they may have to wait until next summer before I put them on again. The price we pay for beauty. Happy Friday everyone!

Much Love,



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