Friday, October 21, 2011

Shake It

Date night Wednesday, went well... better than expected. I told you all that I was ready to get my awkward on if the date was real awkward, and to my disappointment it wasn't even half bad nor was it awkward. I say to my disappointment because sometimes I just like to be awkward when situations get awkward, on this date though it wasn't even awkward the kid was actually pretty cool. Wow that was a lot of awkward word usage, I apologize.

Now for what I really want to talk about. I often will do the dishes and clean the kitchen at my house when no one is around. Actually cleaning and dishes is quite fun by yourself, you get to just take your time and feel clean. This has in fact been a secret of mine for some time and now I'm ready to share. All you need to have is a little Michael Franti blasting from your ipod or computer while doing dishes and cleaning and you're ensured to have a good time. If you don't have any Michael Franti go check him out and buy his album if ya dig it. Or definitely check out grooveshark and you can make a playlist of him and play it through your computer

Seriously I used to hate doing dishes till I blasted Michael, and now I love it. I guess what I'm saying is, find some music you love that is upbeat and makes you want to move. Then listen to that music as you do the dishes. It just makes you feel good. Maybe I even dance a little when Michael's song Shake It comes on when I clean, what's it to ya? Pretty sure you'll all being doing the same as soon as you blast those tunes.

Much Love,



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