Friday, October 28, 2011

Super Bass

To be honest with you in Junior High and High school I was way too cool to dress up for Halloween, aka I was lame and self conscious. This year and last year though I have learned to embrace my Halloween side and dress up! Now I'm sure you are all ready to hear my great costume ideas, because if you are like me you never know what to be so you've put off finding a costume until the day of Halloween. So here it goes my three costumes that will hopefully give you an idea for this Monday.

  First up we have my costume from last year at my grandmothers annual Halloween get together. I dressed up as my mom and my mom dressed up as me. classsyyyy.

Next up.. after my grandmas party I went to a party with my friends and dressed up as the tooth fairy. Very cuuuttee. yes i know.

Did anyone else see this on Ellen the other week? Well if you didn't you missed out, because those two little girls are what me and my friend are dressing up as. Clever, most definitely. Will people have to ask what we are because they've mistaken us for ballerinas, most definitely. I'm fine with it.

And finally we have the tutu I made today to be one of the little Super Bass girls.

There you have it folks, a few of my genius ideas. Hopefully I've inspired you to think outside the box this Halloween and have an amazing costume!

Much Love,



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