Saturday, October 29, 2011

Celebrate Pink

I love October. Fall weather begins, college football is on, the leaves turn beautiful colors, and of course Halloween. Halloween is just around the corner and I am definitely going to be celebrating it with my sweet baby girl and the hubby. However, today I am loving October for its colors - not orange and black- but PINK. Yes, in case you didn't know October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the color PINK is everywhere. Football players are even wearing the color pink and I love it, it makes football a little more bearable to watch and its great that they are supporting breast cancer research. I have not known anyone close to me that has suffered from breast cancer and I really hope that I never have to... but it is common and I know there are so many women out there who have it. Those women are an inspiration. I have heard so many stories of how they are strong and never give up. I hope that one day a cure is found but in the meanwhile I will pledge to take care of my body and to be aware. A few weeks ago I heard a song by Martina McBride on the radio. I listened to the words carefully and she spoke about a woman experiencing breast cancer. I couldn't help myself! I burst into tears. So I thought that I would share her song with you... grab a kleenex. It makes me cry everytime.



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  1. Such a powerful song. The first time i heard it I started crying cause it made me think of all the people that go through this. My DC coach got it and Has been fighting so hard. Just found out she is cancer free right now. These Women are amazing!!!! Thanks for the awesome post


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