Monday, October 17, 2011

hold and speak

I know you've all been wondering, so let me just tell you now what my favorite app for my iPhone is. HeyTell, also commonly referred to as "ht" which is used when texting about heytelling. I'm not kidding you this app is genius, life changing even. Basically this app is like a walkie talkie. You select a contact from your address book press the hold and speak button and start talking!

So you're probably thinking "what do you talk about over ht, or I feel to stupid and self conscious about my voice." and you know what these are all the same concerns I had HAVE. I am still self conscious about my heytelling voice because ya know what people have told me that I sound stupid when heytelling. Okay ya maybe it got me down for a couple weeks and maybe I gave up ht for a couple weeks as well, but I'm here to tell you... don't listen to those hooligans just do it. HeyTell is life changing and it's a joke yes I said it, It is a joke people! If you are going to be serious just call the person up and have a conversation with them, k. So now you're really wondering what in the heck you would say over HeyTell, well my friends... let me give you a few examples and tips.

"Who would win in a fight Beyonce or Lil Wayne, and It's 2007 Beyonce?"
"Who ya likin these days?" - a personal fav.
"You have nice eyes."
"Babe, I love you... Over and out"

Also you can never go wrong with singing, quoting movies or awkwardly HeyTelling the wrong person. No matter what it is a win win situation, and we can never have enough of those.

And if you aren't sold on this app yet. Here are a few great customer reviews (via itunes) you won't want to miss reading.

"I use this app daily...kid u not. So easy to msg peeps you know vs calling them while u are driving. Launch app. Hit button. Speak...boomb done!"
"Ever receive a text message while driving and feel compelled to reply? Go ahead with Heytell and keep your eyes on the road."
"Love it"
"It is the funnest gadget created in years. Works well in a car when u can't text"
"I really really love it.. So convent and fun"
"Great when you are too lazy to text or fuss with dragon"

Seriously people this app is great when you're fingers are tired and you feel lazy. I said it before and I'll say it again, life changing. Go download now! I'm always on the hunt for other great apps though... so now I wanna hear from you, what are your favorite apps?

Over and Out,


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