Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This is it MJ

As you all know Monday night me and mother carved pumpkins, and I was struggling to come up with something original. That only lasted until about eight o'clock at night, when I suddenly decided that carving Michael Jackson into my pumpkin would be thrilling. haha. There I was searching online for MJ stuff and low and behold I found a spray paint stencil that I thought would work well. So I was off to carving that guy into my pumpkin.

I began by taping the picture to my pumpkin. I decided to carve out all the black which means the first step was to poke little tiny holes around the black to outline where I would carve.

A closer look at the poking step.

Next I removed the picture to see how well I poked MJ's face

Then I connected all the dots together with that little carving saw. Ya I know you all know what I'm talking about......

After that I scraped out where all the black was on the picture to get this lovely image.... hahahaha oh wait is that MJ? Naaahhhh.

And voila there you have it... Michael Jackson's face.

Okay fine... I'll be the first one to admit, this doesn't even look like MJ, at all. I know. But once you start carving ya can't go back. Then I realized that my friend had commented and told me to carve her face into my pumpkin.... and by the looks of that pumpkin really it could be anyone. Which means Jackee, babe. That's you, right there on my pumpkin. Looking so fine. You can thank me later for the great job I did at portraying your inner beauty.

On the upside though... I still have three pumpkins left to carve this Saturday, so I'm hoping they turn out more successful.

And on another upside, I guess... I'm going on another date tonight to Thriller, with that boy that took me to the haunted house. Yes it really wasn't even half bad, obviously because I'm going out again and I know you all are thinking I told you so, or that is why you always go into the date with an open mind. Ya, ya I got it ok, but still... wish my luck. I don't need/want another "come here" story.

Much Love,



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