Saturday, October 22, 2011

Family Pix

I have been running around all week like a chicken with their head cut off. Why? Well... Only because I was getting pictures taken of my cute little family of three on Friday (yesterday) by my cute sister in law Lindsay. I could have planned ahead a little better but of course I procrastinate as much as possible and waited until Wednesday and Thursday to try and find outfits for all three of us. It shouldn't be so stressful but it is. I didn't want us to be all matchy matchy but I wanted us to coordinate. I had certain colors in mind. I knew I wanted mustard yellow but trying to find exactly what I wanted in a day and a half was a little bit sketchy. Plus, I feel like ever since I was pregnant and became a mom I have been a little less stylish as I used to be. I mean, I am not going around sporting sweats and unwashed hair but I have not really shopped for myself a ton. If you are a mom you will relate. I have no problem spending all the money in the world on my baby girl and buying her the cutest outfits but when it comes to me... I am pretty stingy. I remember growing up my mom would hardly ever buy something for herself but spoiled me to death, now I know why. So after two anxiety filled days and a million stores later I finally found outfits that I was satisfied with. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!

So here is what I came up with... I sure hope they turn out! We went to old Main Street in Midvale and posed by some cute old buildings. I can't wait to see them!!

What I wore:
 Down East Necklace
 Down East Lace Tunic
 Down East Yellow Cardigan
 Lucky Brand Skinny Jeans
 Ankle booties from Kohls- ONLY $21.99!!

The Baby Girl Wore:

What the Mr. wore:

So... how did I do?? Not to shabby for a girl who has been out of the style game for a while. (At least I feel that way)

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  1. So cute!! Very stylish! I love what you picked out and can't wait to see the family pics! I bet they turned out great.


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