Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Key Holder

If you are like me, you love to look at other blogs. I get so many good ideas from every one else and it motivates me to actually try something new. I saw this key holder over at NatSprat a while ago and have been wanting to make it for craft night for quite some time. So when my friend Meagan and I decided to have a craft night I showed it to her and she loved it too. So of course we decided to make it. It really was pretty easy to make too.

We went to Michael's and found this decorative wooden piece on CLEARANCE for only $7. (Everything is better when it is on clearance.)

We sanded it a little with a fine sandpaper. (I think we used 220). It didn't really need much sanding but the edges were a little sharp so I would suggest sanding a tiny bit.
 Then, started painting. We used acrylic paint that we bought at Michael's that was maybe $1/ea.

Here is Meagan's:
 I have a serious obsession with turquoise, so of course, that is the color I chose.
 Using Meagan's Cricut we cut out our vinyl letters. We decided to use Mr & Mrs instead of His/Hers like the original one on NatSprat's blog.

After we had our letters laid out just how we wanted we committed to it and stuck them on! Always a scary moment because what if you mess up? Luckily the vinyl can be removed easily in case of an emergency. After our letters were one we lined up our hardware that we bought at Lowe's. We tried to find some at Wal-Mart, but just our luck they were all out of what we needed.
 With the help from my Mr we screwed in the hardware. (We were struggling a little with the drill) Then added some finishing touches by slightly painting the edges with black paint and.... TA DA....

And... I have actually already hung it up. Go ME! Any suggestions for something I can make at my next craft night?



  1. love our key holders. it was such a fun and easy craft:) and super cute!

  2. I love this!! I think I'll make one as well! The hubby and I are always getting the keys misplaced!

    Found your blog through your family blog, which I found from Ric and Meagan's blog. Totally following! :)


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