Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Window Shopping

On Saturday we went to City Creek. I LOVE everything about City Creek. It was a rainy day so they had the retractrable roof closed but it still felt as if were we outside enjoying the fresh air. As you walk through you walk next to streams filled with fish and pass by water fountains. It is very refreshing. Our first stop was lunch at Chick Fil A, then over to Love Culture (one of my fav stores to shop in...totally in my price range!) Then we headed over to the Disney Store. Last time we were at City Creek there was an hour wait to just get into the Disney store but this time we didn't have to wait although it was pretty crazy in the store. Mia was in heaven, surrounded by Minnie and Mickie Mouse stuffed animals and coloring with other kids. I also had to refrain myself from dying over how cute the dress up outfits are. All things for me to keep in mind for her upcoming birthday.

My Sister, Mom and I
 Cute girlies holding hands
Me & my baby

As we were walking through the shopping center I did a little bit of window shopping. There are a few stores there that I just WISH I could afford. But I saw this outfit in the window at J.Crew and was literally drooling over it.

After passing J.Crew we walked over to look at the water fountains. We stood upstairs so we could stay covered from the rain but still be able to see the fountains. We just happened to be standing next to the Michael Kors store so I did some more "window shopping". I thought this watch and handbag would go perfectly with my imaginary outfit from J.Crew:

Do you ever window shop? I find myself doing it quite often and I am perfectly fine with it. I just have to stick to stores that I can afford like Love Culture and maybe someday I will be able to do more than just window shop at stores like Michael Kors.



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