Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Deer Valley Family Photo Shoot

We were up in Deer Valley to celebrate my hubby's Grandparents 55 year wedding anniversary. What an accomplishment!!! 55 years together and still going strong. His grandparents are the funniest couple and they make me laugh whenever I am around them. I definitely think their sense of humor and ability to have fun has helped them make it to 55 years. Since we were all up there with the family, Grandma wanted to take a big family photo. There were about 50 of us there in the photo so you can imagine that it took a while trying to get everyone situated. One cousin almost fainted due to the high elevation, so she had to sit down and have a little snack before we started snapping the photo. And of course it was Mia's naptime so she was a peach, crying to go "night night". Yep. It was fantastic for us. So in all our photos she is glaring at the camera, ha ha, oh well.

The Allen Family

 Our little Fam (Glares and all)

 Nicole and I



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