Sunday, July 15, 2012

Friday the 13th

Friday was "FRIDAY the 13TH" and I had signed up with my friend to do a Glow in the Dark 1/2 marathon. I was freaking out a little that the we were going to get rained out. It rained on and off all day long on Friday and right around 7pm the wind was strong and the rain was coming down hard. The race was supposed to start at 9pm so we were just praying it would clear up by then. We got there about an hour early because the race people suggested it saying there were TONS of people. Well, there were quite a few people but it wasn't as crazy  as they made it sound. We lined up at 9pm and waited for them to let us start. At about 9:05pm the announcer came out and said they were going to get started late. Well, they didn't blow the horns until 9:30pm. You could tell it was their first race because it was a little unorganized but it was still fun.  And just in time for the race, there was a break in the weather. Lucky for us it actually cooled down the night for us!  We ran in the dark on a pretty difficult hilly course and got sprayed in the face with sprinklers a few times. When I started out I was wearing some glow in the dark accessories and at mile 1 they were already starting to fly off of me. My friend and I were laughing so hard because the glow in the dark necklaces were bouncing so high I was practically eating them. It was pretty nuts running in the pitch black night. {The moon was not visible so it was even darker than usual}  Half the time I was worried about running into someone or tripping, thankfully neither of those happened. Right around mile 10 I started feeling sick. It was all my fault. Since we were running at night I had debated about what to eat that day. My friend said she was going to eat a light pasta dinner. Great Idea! But instead the last thing I ate was a cupcake at around 3:30pm it was delicious but... I may have thrown up a little. :/ I still finished in 2 hours which is fine with me and hey! I took 4th place in my age group... WAHOO.

Me, Jaron & her husband Matt and a friend Tyler
Girls did the 1/2 marathon, Boys did the 5k

Getting our glow on!

It was fun times...still not sure how I feel about the night races though. Although I am sure I will do another one.



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