Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Franz the Bear

I see Whitney gave you the low down on this day up in deer valley. We had an awesome family photo shoot as she explained. Afterwords we took a stroll down the streets of park city, where I found a lovely bear Franz to pose with. Awkwardly awesome, yes. Best boyfriend I ever had. The family found the Blue Iguana which Whitney told you about. It was a night filled with laughing, mostly directed at camron for his burrito grande. He is probably still eating that thing.
Anyways the most important part of this post are my pants in the top picture. I am obsessed with them. They are white and navy blue striped (the stripes are hard to see in this picture but they are thing stripes which are what I loved most) with zippers at the ankle. Anyone want to guess where they are from?? LEVI! obviously they are from Levi if I am obsessed with them. But even better than the fact that they were from Levi was that they were only 19.90. In my book that is a screaming deal. I was sold before I even tried them on. If Whitney hadn't talked you into Levi jeans in her post awhile back, then you certainly have to be sold with this post. Levi.



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