Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer List: Puzzle

I know everyone hears the word puzzle and goes to sleep. But here is the thing I associate puzzles with smart people, I mean lets be honest they are normally the ones you see doing them. With that being said I always seem to think that if I start doing puzzles I will be smart. It's an obvious outcome. So on the list I put puzzles and puzzles is what we did over the last week in Deer Valley. A few of the other family members and I did about a gazillion (9) puzzles and we just couldn't ever stop. Once someone started a knew one it was all we could think about especially the difficult ones, we just couldn't let them defeat us. So here you have a two of the ones we did.....

A 3D puzzle of the Eiffel tower on the left and 101 dalmatians on the right. I know most of you are thinking wow that 3D must have really been a doozy. Well you are right it was... but the 101 dalmations, yeah that was even more of a doozy. Every puzzle piece was the same shape which made it all about matching little dots and colors together. It was almost the death of us and we had to take shifts working on it, but us cousins pulled through and finished one difficult puzzle. It was our obsession in a season (week) of no internet and tv. Now I can go cross off puzzle from my summer list.
Stay tuned for lots more to come about our deer valley trip. It was jammed packed with fun.



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