Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Still blogging about our deer valley vacations, yep. We headed to the Alpine slides one night, and can I just say one thing... EXPENSIVE. They totally rip you off up there, but we fell into the trap and went for a ride. Let me say it was pretty fun and quite thrilling I went on the track with the "big" drops. They give you that WOOO feeling in your stomach and I love that. Also the squirrels running the track kind of scared me. On the way up we saw some girl wipe out and was bleeding so we all got a little nervous. When we got to the top the workers said don't worry no one falls off their sled. UH Yeah right woman!! So I got scared but once I got going and felt comfortable, it was a thrill. The fam had a great time getting out of the cabin and enjoying some nice mountain air. It was a Success.
Also just wanted the things I'm quite excited about this weekend.
first off- The newest Batman comes out and you bet I'm going to that premier.
Second- We get to babysit my favorite niece ever.
Third- SYTYCD is on tonight = best night of the week.
Fourth- Bountifuls 24th of july parade is this friday. They will be having 2000 young men march as the stripling warriors, it should be pretty amazing.
Fifth- Fireworks
Sixth- Family time.
Yeah It's going to be a good week.



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