Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The voice

I took tedious notes last night... in my head while watching the voice so that I could give you my thoughts and opinions on what happened last night. Lets begin with what my own personal prediction was for the nights winner as well as my feelings about them..... starting with last place-

4. Chris Mann- He had a pretty good voice, but there was just something about him personality wise I didn't love, and did anyone else hear something at the end about him saying how hot she looked. Awkward. Also he kept giving Jermaine hugs after he was announced winner, didn't anyone else feel like he just kept doing it to be on TV.
3. Juliet Simms- She had some songs that I liked but I didn't enjoy listening to her voice for very long. Can we take a second to take about the wings she wore awhile back in the season, Props on the confidence she had to wear them... but I just wasn't a fan of them on her with the song too much too fast.
2. Jermaine Paul- He sang the I don't know what out the I believe I can fly song. He has great teeth, super white and bright. He seems to be the nicest guy on the block, you know the one that comes and snow blows your driveway before you can get out to do it.
1. (winner) Tony lucca- Every time I think of his name I say it in my head like Cee Lo does, Perfect. I never found him to be one dimensional like Christina said. Him and Adam look like besties, so I look forward to a few songs together. I could listen to a whole album of him and him & adam.

Jermaine and Tony were almost interchangeable. I liked both about the same and would be happy with either winning, but in the end I decided that I would want to listen to an entire album of Tony.

In the end I was happy with Jermaines Win, he deserved and I loved that blake was so proud to be his coach. I think he will be a great artist, wish him the best.

Just need to comment on how incredible Justin Biebers "Boyfriend" performances was. He made me want to be his girlfriend. Also I need to throw a little shout out in here about Cee Lo's shirt he kills me and I loved it.

Did anyone else find themselves fast forwarding through most of the performances where the finalists brought back contestants. I the only one I really loved was the group of four boys, that one was hot, they sounded sharp and look sharp. I loved listening to the boy finalists back up Hall & Oats as well. Other than that though I wasn't impressed.

Until next season, The Voice I bid you adieu.                    Next up, SYTYCD May 24th... I can't wait.



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