Monday, May 14, 2012

Meet GramJDog

Everybody meet GramJDog. I just officially want everyone to meet her. She is pretty awesome and famous around here just watch this (warning: you may want to turn the volume down a little)........

Here is a List of a few of the nicknames we have given her.
-Big Sugar J
-J Loaf
-Sweet Thang
-Peanut Butter & Gram
-Gram Canyon

Also she is really good sport.....

And dresses up like one of us upon our request...... our Grandma is pretty hip, lets be honest. I also hate to admit this but I think my Grandma is cooler than yours. Although it just happens to be your lucky day, this little lady ends up being a grandma to all the neighbor kids and many of her own grandkids friends... which means she is the grandma of this blog and to all those who read it. Consider yourself lucky. She is cool. and maybe she will be willing to make a few more blog appearances in the near future.



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