Saturday, May 26, 2012


I was more than thrilled to be able to watch sytycd dance thursday night. It is by far my favorite tv show. And Dare I say my favorite time of year. I took notes last night and I'm going o share my thoughts and feelings about the competition as it goes on.

First hour I felt like had way more crappy dancer that they showed than good. So with that being said let me begin.

New York
Amelia Lowe- first performer of the day. I feel like she was good and fun but that the judges loved her more than I did. Tyce obviously was a fan which doesn't surprise me. She could do well on the show.
Shafeek- Phillie street performer. That was sick, loved his music, his moves, and choreography. Super strong. I think he will be one to watch.
Leo Rayes- great dancer, and some swag. one to watch as well.
Chenon Tschoop- the last performer of the day. Okay he was sick, and amazing. I can't wait to watch him in Vegas.

Stefan- purple shirt gray pants.. super creepy faces they kept showing throughout the show. He was really entertaining, just didn't think he should have gone through to Vegas. I would have sent him to choreography but whatever
Hampton Williams- exorcist dancer. Creepily amazing, every millisecond! Straight to Vegas kind of performance.
Daniel- Ballet dancer. Pretty much had me at ballet dancer. Really Amazing. He can jump so high.
Jarell Rochelle-Suspenders. He is such a fun dancer to watch. One of my favorites so far. I feel like he would do well in all styles.
Can't Wait Till Next Week!!!!



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