Wednesday, May 30, 2012


The Kate Spade outlet supplied with two new rings. I'm as happy as a calm to be wearing these kate spade rings.

SnapChat. The newest phone App craze at BYU. I'm on the fence with this app. You snap a photo send it to your friend but before sending you deciding how long you're friend can view that picture before it is gone forever. Pick 5 seconds and bam 5 seconds and they can no longer see it. Kinda lame but its the newest craze since DrawSomething so I'll try it for a day, and never use it again.

And my favorite newest news... is that this cute girl can say my name now, and not only can she say it she knows who colie is. Me! Whitney texted me and let me know that last night on their way home from my house that she said "where colie go." She melts my heart and is the sweetest thing. 



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