Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My face went red

First let me define two terms for everyone.
date/dating- you go on several dates but are not boyfriend or girlfriend nor are you exclusive.
Relationship- you are exclusively dating one person, and are boyfriend or girlfriend with that one person.

This is what my I looked like, but with better hair, obviously.

This is what I wanted to do.

Now onto the story. I used to date this one kid. We "dated" (refer to definition above) for probably about, I'd say 7 months. We are not dating anymore. Lucky me I ran into him, and when I say ran into I mean I had to be in the same building with him for an hour. We didn't have any nasty breakup because we weren't ever official but we just suddenly stopped talking. I'm completely fine with it and don't really care.... The only problem with a run in is that I tend to go bright red anytime I am in situations like these as well as many others. The problem I have with turning red is that it comes across as embarrassed, and even if I am.. I don't want people to know that. I mean who would! I just would rather not see people. sorry, not sorry.
Anyways when I ran into him yesterday, yep you guessed it I went bright red. I had been thinking about it all day and I thought I'd be so nervous that I'd for sure go red in he face. Which therefore gave me more anxiety because blushing would make him think I sill care, and I don't. Well the anxiety built and like I said I turned red. Well awesome nicole way to play hard to get and the I don't care card. He had to have known how awkward and uncomfortable I felt by just looking at me even though I was in fact talking quite cool and calm to him. So in the end my dang face let me down. No matter what I do I just turn red and blush so easily.
How do I make it stop, Anyone? Does anyone else ever turn red? How do you make it stop? I mean I did consider standing out in he sun and giving my face a sunburn to be red, but I decided against it. So how do I stop this problem. I mean for goodness sake I then saw his dad this morning... and there isn't any reason to wonder what happened then, of course I turned red! What is the secret! Because I need it quick.



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