Thursday, May 3, 2012

Last Things Thursday #2

Remember last week how I linked up and did a "Last Things Thursday" post? Well, I had alot of fun doing it so I thought I would link up with The Life of the Wife again today.

The Last Things I...

Purchased online

So I am normally not very good at online shopping. I am the type that likes to try things and LOVE it before I buy it. I really know that it is something worth buying if I dance in it while in the dressing room. Ha ha.  But I got an email from Shade clothing letting me know that their swimwear was 30% off and well, I couldn't resist myself!

Got in the mail that wasn't a bill

I love getting snail mail. I make sure to check my mail box every day. You just never know, there might be something good in there. The other day I got a check from a local radio station. I had called in and happened to win $100. I almost forgot about it because it was over a month ago. What a nice surprise!

Ate on a date night with the hubby

Last night we went out to dinner to Tiburon, A fine dining restauarant, as part of my husband's birthday celebration. (His b-day is tomorrow). For an appetizer we got crab cakes and I'm not even kidding you they were THE.BEST.CRAB.CAKES. For my main course I had New Zealand Lamb with a blueberry reduction over a risotto cake. DELISH.

Cooked for dinner

Chicken Piccata. I make it all the time. I love it, hubby loves it and my baby loves it. WIN, WIN, WIN! Plus it doesn't hurt that it is super easy to make. I always make sure that I have the ingredients to make this in my pantry.

Listened to while running

I went running this morning and thank goodness for my new sleek and small ipod nano. I love that thing. It is so much lighter than my giant sized ipod. I love listening to the radio while I am out running. This morning while on my 6.5 mile run I listened to The Radio From Hell show. It's an alternative radio morning show and it never fails to keep me laughing. I am sure I look a little silly when people drive past me and I have a big smile on my face and I am giggling to myself. But who cares!! 

Was Bugged about

I'm sick right now. Just a little cold but I seriously can't breathe. I want to prevent getting a sinus infection so I went to the store and bought the only medicine that helps clear me up, Mucinex-D. It works wonders but does it really have to cost a small fortune? I mean seriously? $30 for a box? Crazy!

Drooled over

This Aqua Kitchen. In.LOVE.

Happy Thursday Everyone!



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