Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tray {DIY}

This is kind of a DIY post but it wasn't really difficult nor did it take much effort. I found this tray in my grandmas basement, she was going to throw it out. I stopped her from doing such an awful thing. It was all the color of the bottom as shown below { I forgot to take before pics because I got so excited to start on it... sorry}

I sanded the tray down the tray at first with medium course sand paper. Then I painted on my first layer of paint. With the first coat of paint comes lots of unevenness and not perfection. Don't worry though. I let the paint dry. And next I sanded the one coat painted serving tray with very fine sand paper. Then I painted it again and this time the paint went on smoothly. I was liking where it was at, but I've heard that you at least want to paint with three coats. So I let that layer of paint dry. After it was dry I took the fine sandpaper to the tray yet again. As a side note you don't want to sand off all the paint with the fine sand paper. I just sanded the tray so that it was smooth. Anyways I then added my third layer of paint and I love how it turned out. It has been great for pictures and serving! Love this find from grandmas house.



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