Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Easy Re-Do: Magnet/Chalk Board

For a while now I have really wanted to put up a chalkboard in my home. I see so many cute ideas on Pinterest with how I could use it. I thought it would be a cute way to make a grocery list, tell someone you love them, announce the weekly dinner menu, {when the time cames} take weekly pregnancy pictures, etc, etc. Nicole and I also wanted to make a Summer Bucket List, write it on a chalkboard and each time we completed a list item we would cross it off. So of course we went searching to make our own chalkboard. Our efforts were unsuccessful. Until one evening I was down in my basement looking for some pictures to hang up on my walls when I came across this lovely magnet board:

My mom gave this magnet board to me about 4 years ago. All I needed to do to it was paint it. Well, 4 years later and here it still sits. (Sorry Mom) But once I saw this I just knew that it was the perfect size that I wanted my chalkboard to be. So that is when I decided to re-do this magnet board and turn it into a chalkboard. So I bought some white paint and painted the frame.

I took the metal piece and sanded it down just to give it a smoother texture and so that the chalkboard paint would stick better. Well, actually, the hubby sanded it for me, using a 220 grit. After sanding it I used a tack cloth to remove all dust. Then I sprayed the metal piece. The chalkboard requires two coats of paint and to paint in opposite directions each time. So I started by spraying it horizontally, then for the second coat I sprayed vertically.

I let it dry for a day or two before putting it back in its frame.

I am so giddy with how it turned out. I absolutely cannot wait to use it. This was by far one of the simplest projects I have ever done. Plus it is multi-functional. It can be used as a chalkboard now but it can still also be used as a magnet board. THANKS MOM for giving this to me 4 years ago, it just took me this long to finally figure out what I wanted to do with it and now I'm in love with it. Mom's always know best!



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