Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Made for Each other

A few months ago Nicole blogged about her love for the Aladdin cup. I thought the cup was pretty cool but didn't understand what the big fuss was all about. Then, for easter my mother in law gifted me with my very own Aladdin cup.  Immediately I fell in love. I never knew I could drink so much water in one day! The cup made drinking water desirable and fun. Ever since I was given this cup I have been using it everyday. (Yes, I do wash it!) A few weeks ago I babysat for my neighbor and when I walked in we laughed because we were both drinking out of the same cup. Then she introduced me to the perfect partner to my aladdin water cup...

It is a calorie free water enhancer. YUM. I tried every flavor and Strawberry Watermelon was my favorite. It is pure bliss drinking Mio flavored water out of my Aladdin cup, the perfect couple! Drinking water has so many health benefits and I am glad that I found a way to make me drink more water every day! If you haven't tried Mio you definitely should...and it wouldn't hurt to get yourself an Aladdin cup as well!


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