Wednesday, June 20, 2012

sytycd: vegas

Let me just say I love when adam shankman is a judge.

Hampton Williams, Exorcist dancer. Um he amazes me. Still confused as to why he left. 
Hip Hop. Bummed some of the dragon house got the ax. Thought some people went through that round that shouldn't have.
Broadway. I always hate this round. The ones I love don't ever do well. And the ones I'm on the fence about do well.
Jazz. Sonya is crazy. and was the death of many dancers. Also dancers who have been cut should not plead to be kept cause that is pathetic.
Amelia Lowe. I have a feeling they asked her to dance for her life just so they could see her dance.
Groups. I wish they would have shown more of he routines. The high schoolers prom group though amazing. loved that group and routine. Genius.
Ballroom. The dancers from utah that are youngens were hot hot hot.
Cyrus- That was disgusting. I don't even know why they would ask him to dance for his life other than for their amusement. That was BUCK!
Alexa- "This child could win" Debbie I couldn't agree more, I just don't love her personality.
Chehon Wespi- He is so amazing he needs to sit down. He has got so much height to his jumps. SICK! Put him through

Some favorite one liners:
"you are dead"a classic from Shankman.
"See ya never" from one of the dancers
"This is the meat and the Steak" Amelia Lowe.
"Put on more clothes, and dance" Debbie Allen
The moments Adam Shankman cried were better than his one liners.
"You are so Majestic" Lil C
"I would have to see a chiropractor for the rest of my life" Shankman
"Technically I'm looking for perfection" Travis Wall.
"I just can't even talk" a dancer, Joshua



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