Saturday, June 16, 2012

Its the weekend

Inevitably this weekend I have come to find there are way more things I wanted to do this summer that I didn't write down on the summer list. Well there was no stopping me from doing those things so I am adding them right now by blogging to you about such happenings.

The newest addition to the summer list.... Movies and Swimming. Madagascar three came out it was about time I saw it. I headed to the theater at the time that was most convenient from us girls and well it just so happened to be the 3D version. I wasn't jumping out of my seat when i saw it on the screen as we picked our seats but I just decided that Madagascar 3 was worth it. (If you must know I have an addiction to Madagascar movies. Anyways we went in got our glasses took some supah sicky sick pics, as shown above. And the movie began. I loved it! I even enjoyed the 3D aspect. It was hilarious with witty humor, and hidden humor you know the kind you have to watch the movie three times to pick on. Love that. About the 3D It was great and I thought it wasn't trying to hard to be 3d and I didn't get a headache, but the thing is if you all have a choice just go with regular. My 3D happened by accident so I was happy but if I had the choice, I'd go regular.

Next activity to cross off that happened thus far this weekend. Swimming with some of our close family friends for a birthday party. It was a great time as expected. You can't go wrong with these family friends, a bbq, swimming and then chatting by the fire to get warm once the sun went down as pictured above. Such a good time and I hope there is more to come like last night.
Now I'm off to one of my closest childhood friends wedding reception tonight. I can't wait! ( I mean come on its a wedding and we all know I love those!)

It's been a good weekend!


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