Wednesday, June 6, 2012


The Moms and I on an airplane. Such a Lovely Photo and oh so fitting for this Post. Happ Flying!

I Just wanted to share with you all a few tips I have come to discover over the years I've been flying. Hope they help you the next time you fly.

Tip #1- Always have your headphones at the ready. Especially helpful when traveling by yourself or sitting by someone you don't know. Put those headphones in before you even sit down so that you then don't have to get to know your neighbor. It is less awkward then having to deal with small talk. A sidenote... you never know who your neighbor will be and on occasion you can have some interesting ones and some great ones... I play it safe with the headphones. They never fail me.

Tip #2- If you have a smart phone and like to have your boarding pass sent to your phone make sure you don't have a cracked screen... the scanner (or whatever it is) can't read it and then you slow everyone behind you down, awkward glares.... Check!

Tip #3- Prepare for security checkpoints before you leave for the airport. The pants you plan to wear need a belt? Either get some new pants or pack the belt in your bag to put on after security. Plan on wearing lots and lots of jewelry. Scratch that idea. There is nothing I hate more that someone with a bunch of jewelry who takes a walk through the metal detector sets it off the tsa asks you to remove your jewelry and you decide to only your ring off. Really people! You are just going to set it off again. So take his advice. Don' wear it.... or fine pack it in your carry on and put it on after security.

Tip #4- Don't wear shoes with laces... or just wear shoes that you can slip on and off easily.

Tip #5- While trying to pick which security line to get in... choose the one with business people they travel a lot and it's become a routine they know the drill. No offense but moms and families tend to be little bit slower, love em. But they have more to take care of then themselves. Business people. remember it.

Tip #5- Bring a jacket. The airplane can get cold and overall it is just more comfortable.

Tip #6 Bring some hand sanitizer wipes in the individual packets. They are lifesavers. Our family loves them and we can't leave for the airport with out them.



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