Sunday, June 10, 2012


Yesterday I got in a fight, It wasn't pretty and I didn't win. I was just minding my own business making lunch in my own kitchen. I was using my new mandolin slicer that the Mr. gave to me for Mother's day. Slicing up a cucumber and then it happened. I sliced two of my fingers. It hurt, there was a lot of blood, and then there were some tears. My dear hubby came to the rescue and helped me to apply pressure and then he gently bandaged it up. Then came the regret. UGH! You know when you do something really stupid and afterwards you are paying for it? Yep, that's me. If I would have used the safety device that comes with the mandolin I would not be in this situation. Lesson Learned, the hard way.

While my Mr. was bandaging me up I was watching Tangled with the baby girl. The part was playing where Rapunzel wraps her hair around Flynn's wounded hand and heals it. I was secretly wishing that was me! I am hoping this heals fast!



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