Wednesday, January 4, 2012

West Coast Trippin

Remember how a while ago I blogged about going to this place called Disneyland!? Well while the family was trippin in Cali I swung by Disneyland with the cousins. And when I say swung by I mean I got there at about 9 am and stayed till about 12 am. Needless to say I love that happy place!  I would just like to apologize ahead of time for the overwhelming amount of pics

My suggestion to you all is go to Disneyland during Christmas because it is beautiful. Seriously snow down main street Disney? Does it get any better, NO! Actually it does because I'm going to let you in on a little secret about Disney. Secret number 1- Ride the rides as a single rider which means you go to he Disney employee standing at the entrance of the fast pass lane and ask for the single rider pass, they will then give you a pass that says single rider and you will then walk to the ride through the exit. You will then be able ride Indiana Jones 3 times in 20min, can't complain about that one. Secret number 2- The best time to ride the rides is between 10pm and 12am. The lines during that time are short. And secret number 3- Be a fast walker, eliminates and you get to rides faster than everyone else! I love Disney and that is all. Next up DisneyWorld! All in all it was a great family trip.

Great Memories,



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