Monday, January 23, 2012

weekend tidbits

Started off the weekend with this lovely little storm.

After the storm was a little more under control we headed off to watch the jazz game. We watched it from one of the suites which is quite nice with our growing family! It was such a fun game the jazz pulled out the win against the timberwolves. Go jazz!

After the game my friend and I headed over to Dolcetti Gelato to get some gelato. I have been a few times now to know the flavors are rotated daily, and have always found a flavor I love. But Saturday night I might as well have died and gone to heaven. I walked excited to see what flavors where on the menu tonight and there was Salted Caramel! I think I passed out and went to even for the hour I was there eating the gelato. It was amazing. I wish you could taste how good it was through the picture but you can't Whit already tried. So instead just head over to Dolcetti Gelato and hope they have Salted Caramel gelato the day you go. Obviously it was a great weekend!

Much Love,



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