Friday, January 27, 2012


Today I did my nails. Seems to be pretty popular these days, but I got a hot date tonight so it was the perfect occasion to jump on the bandwagon. I had so many colors to choose from but I narrowed it down to my dark purple and gold, once again it seems those colors are another popular trend.

The Goods.


1. I started out with the usual trimming and filling of my nails.
2. Then I painted my nails with Banana Republics nail lacquer called Black Wisteria (don't let the black in the name fool you, It's really just an awesome dark purple.)
3. After the second coat of polish I immediately dipped my wet finger nails into a bowl filled with cold water for about 20 seconds. This helps eliminate all the little dings and smudges I would normally get in my nails.
4. I then grab a paper plate and my glitter (I just use craft glitter) color of choice and begin by painting my ring fingers with a third coat one at a time. So I first paint a third coat on my left nail and then sprinkle glitter onto that nail.
I then move to my right hand and paint my ring finger nail with a third coat and immediately follow with sprinkling glitter. Don't worry there will be excess but this is why you sprinkle it onto a wet painted nail and have a paper plate underneath.
5.After you have sprinkled glitter now remove the excess by just whipping it off with your fingers onto the plate.
6. now paint a clear coat onto each nail (clear coat will help keep the glitter on you nail)
7. If you have any nail polish or glitter that is on your skin I normally just wait until I get in the shower to scratch it off, because it comes off quite easily in shower. Otherwise just grab a Q-tip and dip it into polish remover and your set.

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