Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cucina Toscana

Its my anniversary today. We are celebrating four amazing years of marriage. I can hardly wait for our tradition tonight. Every year so far for our anniversary we go to dinner at my most favorite restaurant in the whole world... Cucina Toscana.

Seriously, it is amazing. They hand make their pastas. The gnocchi and the ravioli literally melt in your mouth. The bruschetta? The best. And don't even get me started on the Tuscan Dark Hot Chocolate that they serve to you after your meal. I can't wait to over indulge on everything. I just might have skipped lunch today so that I could stuff my self silly tonight. Ok... I did skip lunch but I want to make the best of it because we only go once a year. (Too expensive otherwise) But I love that we only go once a year because it makes it that much more special and I don't care that we go to the same place every year for our anniversary... I hope that is our tradition until the day I die!



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