Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sparkling clean - no more rinse aid needed! ~~Take that Hardwater~~

 We have been using the Kirkland brand Gel dishwashing detergent. It cleans the dishes fine but since we have really hard water we have to also use a rinse aid along with it or else our dishes come out cloudy. Lemi Shine has been our friend for the last few months and has really saved our dished from the hard water.  Well, I recently was at Costco and was in need of some dish detergent and came across the new Kirkland brand Dishwasher Pacs.

I used them for the first time yesterday. I figured that I would try them first without the help of a rinse aid just to see how well they worked. I was a little weary about it. I mean a pack of detergent? Seems so small! And you don't unwrap it? Well an hour later when my dishwasher was done I hurried and opened it up. My dishes were literally SPARKLING clean. No hardwater cloudiness or grime. This made me so happy. I no longer have to use rinse aid and this is really going to save me some $$$. (Thanks for being there for me when I needed you Lemi Shine but it's time to say goodbye!) I will never go back to any other dish detergent, I never thought dish detergent could make my day! I just had to send my Mr. a text to tell him about it. He was excited too... seriously. Best dish detergent I have ever used, I highly recommend it, especially for those of you with hard water. It does wonders.


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  1. Going to try it!!! My best friend is lemi shine too and it gets expensive. Cant wait thanks!!!


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