Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Last Sunday I was in primary when my team teacher? asked me what time it was.. I looked to tell her the time when I noticed I didn't have a watch on. Suddenly my mind began racing and I couldn't remember packing it in my purse. I kept thinking about where it could be but my mind kep going to the nightstand at the Hilton hotel in costa mesa from our trip. I went home from church and I tried to not think about the tragedy that had unfolded. I even decided to not unpack my purse because I didn't want to actually look and have a confirmation it was lost. If I didn't look, there would still be that possibility of it being in my purse. foolish I know. So later that night I calmly and discretely went to my room to finally find the whereabouts of my watch. I was saddened to find it no where in my purse, nor my suitcase... I even went to the lengths of searching all my pockets. I finally sat down with a lump in my throat and maybe even a tear on my face to say a quick and sincere (yet maybe silly to some) prayer to help me know where to look for my watch and maybe I even threw in a please just let it appear? I ended my prayer and decided I would search the Internet for the exact same watch because I was willing and desperate to have it again that I would consider buy another one. After no luck of finding my same watch online I got an even heavier lump in my throat. I then had the thought and feeling to tell me my mom and ask her to call the hotels lost and find and see if they had it there, which was out of the ordinary for me seeming I have been taught ever since I was young to not leave anything in the room because it could be stolen. So I finally got the guts to tell my mom of my stupidity. I told her and she said something like oh no, well do you know where you left it. So I told her the hotel and that it was probably on the nightstand. Then I got the second gust of courage to mention something so stupid in my family I knew the response but I asked her to call lost and found anyways. Like I had expected my mom said that they probably wouldn't have it because somebody would have already taken it. I responded with a "but what if they didn't this time, mom could we at least just try." Mother responded with an unassuring "yeah I guess we could." Monday came around and more and more I knew it would be at the lost and found if we would just call. That night after class I asked my mom if she would call the hotel tomorrow to see and she agreed. Well Tuesday night came around and she still hadn't called, she apologized and said she would call tomorrow (ignore the fact that I'm an adult and could have called on my own) Well tomorrow came and it was 8:00 pm and she still hadn't called, finally I told her to just call right then. She did and it was late enough that when they transferred her to lost and found it was the answering machine, so mother left a description of the watch and then we just had to wait. Well the next morning came around and I ate some breakfast and then went into my room to get ready for the day when my mom in an excited voice walked down the hall and said nicole, nicole guess what! guess who called! The hilton called and they have your watch and they are going to send it to us! I was shocked, amazed, relieved, ecstatic, and beyond happy. I knew I had that feeling for a reason and that if we called the called the hotel it would be there! and it was. Thank goodness.

 Receiving this package today was just as amazing as hearing the lost & found had my watch. I am so so grateful and thankful for the maid who cleaned room 347 if I knew who she was I would probably send her a year supply of cookies. I seriously just had Christmas all over again on January 11.

a very thankful,



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