Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hungry for more

Hello Bandwagon... thanks for letting me jump on. I started reading this book over the holidays and I just can't get enough:
Seriously. Amazing. Can I just say?? What have I been waiting for? Oh ya, I don't get much reading time in now that my baby girl isn't much of a baby now but more of a toddler and naps less. But I have been finding and using any precious minute that I have to read. Finished the first book and was desperate to start the next and I have and I'm slightly obsessed. But seriously, if you haven't read these books now is the time because the first movie comes out ON MY BIRTHDAY next year. How nice and considerate of them to give me such a great birthday present. I couldn't ask for more!

Come on! Jump on the bandwagon with me!



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