Monday, January 9, 2012

How to Relax

I'm sure you've noticed Whitney's lack of attention to this blog over the weekend, but I'm here to pick up her slack. (even with my crazy busy school schedule) (no Whitney that's not a dig?)However tonight I'm going to teach you all how to relax. This semester I am taking a stress management class and I couldn't believe it when I saw this on the class schedule.

The PowerNap

I never thought I'd get credit in college for sleeping. Maybe the best class I've ever taken, don't judge me. Anyways so here are the tails (details) on The Powernap. You simply lie down on the floor and rest your legs on a set of a chair. Begin by breathing deeply in and out using the bottom of your lungs, throughout The PowerNap Continue breathing deeply. Lie your hands flat on the ground next to your sides and breath deeply. Then bring you arms above your head and lay them flat on the ground above your head now take a deep breath in and as you exhale slowly move your hands and arms back down to your side. Now relax your shoulders. Next bring your hands up onto your abdomen right above your belly button, so you can feel your deep breaths........... this where I faded into oblivion. I wish I could repeat the whole CD  to you but I can't. Most importantly is to breathe deep, put you hands on your abdomen, rest your legs on a chair while your back is on the floor and focus on your breathing.  Also remember this technique will no work for everyone and sometimes you need to practice it 3 times before your body actually can get used to it.  OH! and don't forget to turn the lights off as well as your phone. We don't want any interruptions during PowerNap time.

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