Monday, April 9, 2012


Shattered. Yep today was pretty much the worst day of the my life, and now I have a constant reminder of how stupid I was. I had in my hand my iphone and water bottle as I walking up the stairs to work, and as I went to adjust my purse strap my phone just slid right through my hand and hit the stairs just perfectly. You see my work is on the second story of a building and the stairs I walk up everyday are outside which means the stairs don't have backs to them which means... yep you got it my phone went right through that space and fell to the ground. But you know what, as I walked down the stairs back to get my phone I had the slightest bit of hope it would be okay. Yeah I was DEFINITELY wrong. my phone is uglier than tar now. It looks like I found it in the garbage can. So now whenever I look at my phone which is about 50 gazillion times a day I get the reminder of how stupid I am. I get to see how stupid I am 50 gazillion times a day 7 days a week. My life is really tough. Worst Day Ever. not to mention its really hard to read texts now and play draw something, all I can see are shattered glass lines. Worst day ever. not to mention that picture makes it look good. uh.



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