Sunday, April 29, 2012

When life gives you strawberries

This week my neighbor was able to get a killer deal on strawberries and asked if I wanted some. Um, yes of course. I got 8 lbs of fresh ripe strawberries for only $7.50. I went to work right away.

Life gave me strawberries so I made:

1. Strawberry Jam. Alot of it.

2. Strawberry bread. Delicious. (Recipe on the blog soon)

3. And I had to make strawberry butter to go with my strawberry bread

4. Strawberry Vinagriette

5. I needed something to put my strawberry vinagriette on so we had a Spinach Strawberry salad for dinner.

6. Molten Lava cakes with strawberries on top

7. Strawberry icecream

8. And last but not least, I've been having strawberries for breakfast. YUM.

And would you believe that I still have some strawberries left??



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