Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Madrid: Mercado de San Miguel

Day 2 started out with a trusty metro ride to the Mercado de San Miguel. Let me tell you it did not disappoint. In fact I wanted to eat everything that was there and almost did.

Fresh Fruit. Can we talk about the Strawberries, Raspberries, and the oh so young Asparagus. To. Die. For.

Jamon. Thinly sliced cured pig, often put on a baguette. I know it sounds crazy but I loved it.

In my hand I hold only the the tastiest yogurt I've ever had. Mango topping with a Blackberries at the bottom it was delicious. Also my dad is hold a bowl of Paella, anyone else had? It's crazy good and I was left with a craving for it.

Most people would look at he Hamburger and say you are an idiot for getting a hamburger in Span, but to them I say shame on you. That hamburger was the best darn hamburger I've ever had in my life so tender it basically melted in my mouth. Father is hold the cured pig I was talking about, like I said SOO much better than I had expected.

Mercado de San Miguel, awesome place to grab quality food, huge variety and it's all so good. Definitely a place to stop by in Spain. Not to mention the glass building was quite nice to look at.



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