Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday 13: My 13 Spring Closet Must Haves + Lumpy Loves Kids {a good cause}

It's Thursday! Hip Hip Hooray! That means my Mr. comes home tonight. He's been out of town all week long for work. I can't wait to have him home. It also means it is time to link up for some Thursday 13 fun. But before I get to that I have to tell you about "Lumpy Loves Kids".
My four year old nephew Brock is ambitious and witty. He is small in stature but has a larger than life personality. Sometimes I wonder where this kid comes up with the things that he does. He always keeps our family laughing. It turns out that he also has a heart of gold and is determined to serve others. My sister said that Brock and his older brother Pierce have been wanting to raise money to help sick kids in the hospital. The other day he came home from school so excited for a way to do such a thing: His school is hosting a St. Jude's Trike-A-Thon. Brock asked his mom if she would give him $1000, when she asked why he simply said, "Because mom, no kid should be in the hospital and I need to ride my bike super fast to get them out." I am sure you have all heard of St. Jude's hopsitals, they are so amazing. Whenever I watch the commercials they make me cry and I have always wanted to donate because children deserve the best! If you are feeling generous please go to Brock's Trike-A-Thon page and make a donation. Any donation would be great! $1, $5, $10 - whatever you are willing to give would be greatly appreciated!!

And on to Thursday 13. Here are the 13 things that are a must have for me this Spring.

1. Colored Skinnies. I am obsessed. I have Coral, Yellow, Mint, and Light Blue. And I pretty much want every color out there.
2. Chambray. Say it with me: (shmbr). I just ordered my Chambray shirt from Shade Clothing for only $9.99+they always have free shipping. I can't wait for it to come in the mail. I have so many plans for that shirt!
3. Floral prints. Floral shoes, floral shirts, floral dresses. Floral is so appropriate for spring time!

4. Stripes. Ok. So it's not just a Spring thing, I have been obsessed with stripes for a little while. If you wear them right they can be so flattering. A perfect pairing? Striped top with colored skinnies: color blocking at its best! I'm actually wearing a navy striped top with my mint skinnies today!

5. Layers. In Utah spring weather is all over the place. One day it is 80 degrees and 2 days later it is snowing outside. That is why layers are essential. The day might start out chilly so a blazer or cardi is necessary. Then you can just ditch it later on in the day once it starts to warm up. Here are a few I am loving:

6. Maxi Dress. I think it is the most comfortable dress out there. Plus it will hide my not so tanned legs until summer time comes.

7. Spring Scarves. Because I think a scarf can completely spruce up your outfit...turn something old into something new with just an accessory!

8. Wedges. They are the perfect shoe for Spring time. I always seem to buy a new pair of wedges when Spring time comes around. It just gets me so excited for spring time weather.

9. Sunglasses. It's not quite summer...but summer is fast approaching. After April Showers comes the sun...hopefully! 
I need some sunglasses like this:
10. Mint Handbag. Mostly because I just want one really bad. 

11. Neutral make-up. I generally wear neutral make up just because I think it looks best on me. I love the look of the soft make up on this model. Perfect for spring:

12. Bright Colorful Nail polish. My favorites right now? Banana Republic "Yellow" & Savina "Blue for You"
13. Sunshine. The most importang thing about Spring time is more Sunshine. Here's to hoping for warmer weather!


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