Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday 13: Favorite Places

It's thursday and I have been hard at work for the past two days painting my house. It's done and it feels oh so good. Now comes the fun part...decorating! I can't wait. Next week I am going to bust out my brand new sewing machine and attempt to make some Roman shades for my kitchen. I will definitely be sharing that with you. On another note, I am linking up with this week's Thursday 13 - Favorite places. Because two days ago it was 80 degrees and today it snowed like crazy....wishing I was in my #1 favorite place which is:

#1. Kauai. Perfect weather, perfect beaches, perfect shave ice, perfect everything. The only thing that is not perfect is that I am not there right now!
 #2. Costa Rica. Best beaches and best sunsets...hands down. Plus there are monkeys...can't beat that!
 #3. The Mountains. We go camping and hunting every year and I look forward to it. I love being outdoors. The serenity and the beauty is breathtaking.  We are lucky to be surrounded by mountains.
 #4. The San Diego LDS temple. I have always thought it was the most gorgeous temple and had been dying to go. My brother in law was married there this last December and it is just as gorgeous as I dreamed it would be.
 #5. Italy. So I have never been to Italy but I have been obsessed with going ever since I can remember. I would be perfectly happy to go on a 3 week tour of just Italy. Someday....
#6. NYC. It's been a LONG time since I have been to New York City and I was a lot younger but one thing I really remember about New York is that I loved it. My girlfriends are going on a trip there in the next few days and I am totally bummed that I wasn't able to join them. I am dying to go there again.

#7. Chichen Itza/Cancun Mexico. I love Chichen Itza. I have been to Cancun twice and went to Chichen Itza on both trips and I would go again and again and again. I love going on trips that keep me busy and I love sight seeing. I want to take my hubby to see the ruins someday. I also climbed up the big temple in Chichen Itza back when they used to let you still do that (about 6 yrs ago). It was scary, the stairs are really steep and yes,  I might have cried a little bit.
#8. Cucina Toscana. My Favorite restauarant. Remember? We go there every year for our anniversary.
#9. Washington D.C. Like I said, I love sight seeing and there is SO much to see in D.C. Plus, my sister lives there. My mom is headed out there next week and I asked if she could fit me in her bag...I'm a little jealous. I went out there twice in 2010, I think it is time to go back....
(I am 27 weeks prego in this pic)

#10. Anywhere that my dad is cooking. As I have mentioned before, he is a professional chef and you can guaruntee that whenever he is cooking for you that you are in for a treat. No big deal, we just have Bananas Foster for dessert on sunday or Kobe beef... you get the picture. Only the best with my dad! You might even get lucky and get served something like this:

#11. Home. I love being home with my family. Definitely one of my favorite places to be. Because:
#12. Zion's National Park. The high cliffs and red rocks are stunning. I love hiking even though I am terrified of heights. Last time we went I hiked Angels Landing, and yes, there were tears but it was so worth it.

#13. Last but certainly not least, Lake Powell. We used to go every summer with family friends and it was the best time of my life. Warm water, skiing, waverunners, sun bathing, knee boarding and sleeping on top of the houseboat. We went with my in laws 4 years ago, trying to convince them we should go again...


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