Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday Delights

Today is Tuesday and I am considering it my "Friday" since my Mr. doesn't work for the rest of the week. A few weeks ago I did a post about my Tuesday Delights. I am in one of those moods today. Just feel like pointing out things I am delighting over to help fill my day with a little more positivity.

First of all. The weather here in SLC has been fantastic the last few days. Today was exceptional. I spent most of the day outside playing with little ones!

Second delight. I went and looked at Hardwood flooring today. We have been checking out Hardwood flooring for the past month and just had one more store to look at before we make the big purchase. We love dark hardwood and soon our house will have flooring something like this:

Third delight. I have the best mom in the whole world. Hands down. She does anything and everything for me. She drove all the way out to my house today and still came even though she ran out of gas! Thanks for always being there for me mom, love you!

And last but not least, The Voice is on tonight. Oh my gosh I love this show. I can't miss it. There are so many great singers and entertainers on the show and most of all I love the coaches. They have such great chemistry together and seem genuine. Love the Voice!



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