Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Day Girls Craft Night

Last night was our first Valentine's Day Girls Craft Night. The invitations were sent out last week and we have been making preparations all week long. Eight of us girls got together for a fun night of crafting and delicious dinner. We served Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup along with our homemade Fabulous French Bread. After we were done eating the crafting began! Everyone was in charge of bringing their own craft to work on. Thanks to Pinterest we all had some cute crafts! Here are some of our decorations:

Pom Poms made out of our Coffee Filter Flowers

Felt Flowers with Brown Paper Table Runner

Close up of our Coffee Filter Flower Pom Poms

Paint Swatch Heart Garland

Gift Bags- Inside our guests found: Valentine's Cake Pop, Paint Swatch Heart Garland, and Ombre Sugar Hearts

Our Valentine's Day Cake Pops that we made:

Table Centerpiece:

Whitney's Craft of the night:

Whitney & Nicole


  1. Wow that seemed so fun! I didn't get my invite... Hmmm... Lol :P xx

  2. :) I like the decorations. I'm doing something similar to your felt flower center piece for an upcoming baby shower....


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