Thursday, February 23, 2012

TVD Obesession

I've got to admit that I was a little bit skeptical when my friend suggested I start watching The Vampire Diaries. I have never really been a fan of any show on the CW channel but my Mr. and I had just finished watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix and needed something new to watch so I decided I would give it a shot. Ummmm.....can I say amazing? It has action, vampires, a love triangle, werewolves & witches. Seriously, I love it.

I love her:

And him:

And I hated him at first but now? Love him:

The writers have done such a great job. There are so many twist and turns in the plot. It is never predictable or cheesy. We have finished watching season 1 and season 2 on Netflix and now we have to wait for season 3 or find some way to catch up. Where there's a will... there's a way! So if you are looking for something new to watch might I suggest THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. You'll thank me. Trust me.



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