Tuesday, August 14, 2012

One Sweet Slice

We included in our Summer list to "Find The Best". I took that upon myself to find the best cupcake (in my opinion) in the Salt Lake Valley. I have already visited The Sweet Tooth Fairy, twice. Their cupcakes are outstanding, delicious, super moist, etc. etc. etc. I can definitely see how they have won Cupcake Wars. Anyway, on Friday I was getting Mia's 2 year pictures taken and I wanted some cupcakes for her photos. Perfect Opportunity for me to try out a new cupcake shoppe! I decided on One Sweet Slice because they are fairly close to my home and I was going for convenience. I walked into their store and was amazed and how gorgeous it was, very chic! I gazed at their assortment of cupcakes and was pleasantly surprised with how many different cupcake flavors they had to offer. I wasn't counting, but there were at least 15 different types of cupcakes, if not more. How is a girl to decide??

After about 20 minutes of drooling contemplating, I finally made up my mind. I went with Vanilla, Princess, Samoa, Chocolate Fleur De Sal, Raspberry Swirl and Strawberry Margherita. They were all decorated beautifully and I thought it would be great to way to thank my Sister in Law for taking Mia's pictures. I wanted to try them all but I chose the Chocolate Fleur De Sal for me to indulge in. D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S. Perfectly moist, amazing.

And the best part? I got a punch card so you know I will definitely be back! 



  1. I would DEVOUR that Samoa cupcake in a heartbeat. And the shop is so stinking cute, too!

  2. those look amazing where exactly is this lovely shop?

  3. I lo-o-ove cupcakes. Especially cutesy ones like this.

    I've nominated you two for the Liebster Award! Follow this link to check it out! Just skip past all my chatter about Wicked, the award details are halfway through the post :)
    Liebster Award

  4. Those cupcakes look amazing!! I love cute little cupcake/cake boutiques :)


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