Thursday, August 2, 2012

ATL Day 3: Visit to Babyland

Yesterday (day 3) of our trip we decided to have a day dedicated to Mia. We let her sleep in that morning. Went to lunch and took a drive out to Cleveland, Ga. What is in Cleveland you ask? The Cabbage Patch Kids Babyland Hospital, where Cabbage Patch babies are born. I thought it was going to be a tour where you get to see where/how Cabbage Patch dolls. Instead you took a small self tour in Babyland where you view vintage Cabbage Patch dolls and some LPN's {Licensed Patch Nurse} perform a live "birthing" of a new Cabbage Patch each hour. Mia was literally in heaven surrounded by all of the baby dolls. She had to touch every one, play with them in the stroller, comb their hair, re-adjust binkies, and rock them in a rocking chair. Luckily she isn't quite old enough to think she needed to go home with a new doll. She already has two and I would have bought her one but they were $70+. {YIKES} I think Mia was definitely in her happy place at Babyland.

After Babyland we went to dinner at an Italian restaurant and visited yet another Marshalls. Then came home to watch some Olympics, which we are doing right now. Love the women's gymnastics! GO USA!



  1. I'm not sure if I'm creeped out by the dolls or if I think they're cute. Either way looks like a fun trip, I remember growing up with those dolls!

  2. This sounds so much fun! I had never heard about it before. Will need to take Hadlee there one day! P.S Mia is adorable and is getting so big... time flys way too fast!

  3. oh cabbage patch dolls! hahaha.
    looks like you had a blast.


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